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The Roy family drama will continue to amuse and disturb us all when Succession returns to HBO for Season 3. The fans’ desire to find out what happened after the breathtaking final moments of the show’s second season – where Kendall (Jeremy Strong) proved it. Logan Roy (Brian Cox) hasn’t been the only “killer” in the family – since the show he was already on a fever last fall. The anticipation for the third consecutive season is even greater after the series won big at the Primetime Emmys 2020, where it received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and Strong got away with the Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama Series.

But follow-up fans will have to wait a while to find out what happens next after the exciting season two finale. While HBO has not yet set a premiere date for the third sequel season and the cast of the drama series has stayed up to date on the future, TV Guide has put together some key details of what to expect as the series continues. Read on to see everything we know so far about HBO’s follow-up Season 3.

Why Logan Roy may be behind this sequel-finale twist

Hopefully production will resume in 2020. As in most parts of Hollywood, work on the third successor season was suspended on March 12th due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although no specific date has been set for the resumption of filming, follow-up showrunner Jesse Armstrong said in August that the goal was “to start filming before Christmas”. “” Nicholas Braun, who portrays cousin Greg on the show, told People he expects the third follow-up season to begin filming in late 2020 and to air in 2021.

The number of episodes can vary. Successor Brian Cox told the New York Times in late July that the scripts for the third follow-up season are already in full swing and there may be fewer episodes in the new season than in the first two. While seasons 1 and 2 were 10 episodes each, Cox said the number of episodes for season three could be “eight, nine. We’re in this stadium.”

Expect the scope of the show to expand. Lucy Prebble, who writes and co-executive produces Succession, told Deadline in late 2019 that fans can expect the show’s landscape to expand in season 3. “There is … a lot of talk going on about becoming more international than we had before, which has to do with the relationship between the media industry and international countries,” she said. “The way international countries feed, control and fund the media in ways that are not spoken about as clearly as they should be. … There is great talk about how countries and media currently overlap. “

Speaking of scope, the show’s budget is sure to be even bigger in season 3. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cast secured huge raises that made them the highest paid actors per episode on television.

Prepare for more father-son feuds. Cox told Deadline that Season 3 will be “a lot of fireworks” between Logan and Kendall. Given that Kendall has decided to embroil his father in the cruise scandal in front of the global media, this is to be expected. But, according to Cox, Logan may not have been as surprised as the rest of us about what happened during the briefing scene. “Logan always knew Kendall was a sneaky shit,” he said. “In a way, he doesn’t judge him. There is confirmation of what happened. Logan accepts that.”

Logan and Kendall may not be the only “killers”. While Kieran Culkin is quick to downplay any suggestion that his character Roman Roy is as accomplished as the rest, Cox believes fans should keep an eye on Roman for Season 3 as well. The actor told Deadline that he was “intrigued” to see how Roman’s story continues from here because “he showed his skills at the end of season two.” Cox added that he considered Roman “the hidden weapon under the table”. For his part, Culkin predicted in a chat with Vulture that the focus of the third season could be on him, as the first season was mostly focused on Kendall and the second season was exclusively about Shiv (Sarah Snook). “Maybe it’s Roman’s turn next year,” he said.

Surprises are definitely in store. During a virtual variety cast meeting hosted by Variety, Cox announced that Succession’s successor, Jesse Armstrong, had revealed his season three plans to him before filming and his co-stars with the words, “It is funny exciting, that’s all I can say … and it’s very, very surprising what’s going to happen. “

The follow-up seasons 1 and 2 are available in the stream on HBO Max.

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