SEAL Workforce Abstract: Did Bravo resolve the problems in time to avoid wasting Ray?

That Wednesday in the SEAL team’s fall finale, all hands were on deck – and we mean all of them – when Ray went missing after the suicide attack on the Tunisian café.

Immediately after last week’s shocking explosion, we saw the charred and crumbling café and Ray’s body on the floor behind the overturned table where he and Olivia Green, colleague at the State Department, had been sitting. And then a figure approached and nudged his body … which was still alive, we saw.

At home, all they knew was that Ray was missing, and Jason personally delivered the message to Naima at the family’s new home. Soon all Bravo descended on the Perrys, as did Natalie and a very welcome Stella (who apparently still has occasional coffee with Ray’s wife). During the gathering, Sonny and Thirty walked in a little and accused each other of Bravo being grounded. But it wasn’t long before Bravo answered and left Jason and Clay behind. Jason was determined to play a part in finding Ray, however, so he brusquely walked away from Natalie and set off to see what he could do.

After some nasty small talk about Stella’s failed attempt to try Clay again (back when he was just starting out with Rebecca), she noticed he wasn’t spinning with the others. He didn’t explain in detail that he had been suspended from the operation, and Stella gave him the encouraging talk he really needed.

Back on orders, Davis set the information about where Ray might be and who might have him. Since Bravo is not approved to operate, each team member was assigned to Alpha, Charlie or Foxtrot. Jason meanwhile stormed into Lindell’s office and insisted that 1) Bravo regroup for this rescue mission, 2) be led by him and C) be on the team with Clay. Lindell was OK for the first two but was dubious for the third – until Jason pushed a little harder and the restored Bravo team spun with the others soon enough. Jason made it clear to Sonny, however, that this was a one-off for him and that when it comes to leading Bravo, Sonny may eventually rise.

In Tunisia, Jason questioned a plan to break one location before the second, saying it would be wiser to meet both of them at the same time. Bravo took the second place possible, even though it meant not having a seat cover. Unfortunately, they were spotted driving towards the building and a gun battle soon ensued, with the bad guys having the higher ground / advantage and shooting out the windows. Meanwhile, Ray was actually in the second position, and when he saw that everyone was starting to crawl, he yanked himself away from the wall he had been handcuffed to.

But just as Bravo turned the tables and took the opportunity to break through, a fleeing Ray was dressed in a hallway, bagged and pulled to an SUV parked outside. As such, Bravo couldn’t find anyone in the building – although Davis later produced a video of a found cell phone showing that Ray had been there and they simply missed him. And now that his kidnappers were ready to sell the valuable Westerner to the highest bidder, it was not known where and with whom Ray would end up.

What do you think of the “Shockwave” fall finale? And how great was it to see Stella again? (Rebecca who?) The SEAL team returns on Wednesday January 13th.

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