SEAL Team Summary: Did Deposits Help or Hurt Jason’s Case? And how does Mandy like civil life?


This week on the SEAL team we learned why NCIS pulled Jason out of the bulkhead in handcuffs. Did statements from people around him help his case? And what advice did Mandy Ellis offer?

In an episode directed by Mandy himself, aka former cast member Jessica Paré, Jason quickly learned that he was accused of illegally killing an unarmed citizen during the team’s last operation in Jordan. His failure to ensure that the target was armed prior to the use of lethal force violated Article 119 of the UCMJ and resulted in manslaughter charges.

Jason speculated that he was just a “pound of meat” to be called in trade for the US operating in friendly Jordan and was desperate to build an insatiable defense, but his JAG, Lt. Commander Williams (played by Mom Hall’s youngest guest star Natasha) advised him to stay calm and just listen to the preliminary hearing where the US government presented their case. Unfortunately, hearing video evidence captured from the cell phone later confiscated by the team said of Jason gunning down a seemingly unarmed man.

Because you might be curious about how I was, here’s a screenshot that’s closer to Jason’s own POV during his problematic filming from the previous episode.

As soon as Jason was drafted for the first time, the Bravo team received an order in front of the individual depositions not to discuss any contact with Jason or with one another. Admittedly, Clay had a little to do with Stella, the world’s best friend – namely, that Raqqa Jacques, the man who tortured Ray, had been her target – for whom Ray later beat him up. Ray himself was an attorney before delivering his dismissal as chief warrant officer, a move that hoisted a flag for Jason’s JAG. If Ray possibly threw Jason under the bus, should Jason return the favor to share the guilt and hope for a lighter sentence? Or should Jason make a plea (under Article 114 / Reckless Endangerment, which leads to a “less than honorable discharge”)?

Nudged by Lindell to address those outside of his Bravo circle, Jason met at Bulkhead with Mandy who was late because of a parasailing lesson (“I have a life now”) and soon got to a board a plane to … somewhere. Mandy naturally sympathized with the situation of her former colleague and regretted that she was no longer able to “exchange state secrets to save you”. Jason wondered if he would have been better off following her from that taco stand months ago, but Mandy knows full well that soon enough he would have longed for his microwave – and the Brotherhood offerings that Bravo makes, what she thought was a difference between her decision and being “why you had to stay and I didn’t.” Seeing Jason being torn between surrender and collateral damage to a team member – both of which are not the Jason Hayes path, she remarks – Mandy says that a man who led brave brothers into the pits of Hell is safe stand up and convince a jury that he did the right thing.

Unfortunately, once all the dispositions were in place, Jason’s case wasn’t dismissed – including that of Davis, who was asked if Jason knew that her HVT was the man who tortured Ray. Rather, the charges of murder were raised because he was allegedly out of revenge for Ray’s vengeance.

What do you think of how things turned out and how Mandy’s (brief) return?

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