Scott Pilgrim: Edgar Wright’s unexpected compliment on his 10 year comedy

I just had to watch it, so I think I had to watch Scott Pilgrim one afternoon before Christmas last year when I was finishing two other films. I sat in the Dolby Cinema in Soho Square and said, “Oh my god, it just looks so amazing.” … I just saw it and I’d say, “How the hell did we do this?” And not to brag because I could say this more about the work of Bill Pope and Double Negative and Frazier Churchill doing the visual effects to have. [but] I don’t really know what I would do visually differently now. I don’t really know how to make it look better than it does. Which is unusual when you say a movie that is 10 years old. I don’t know how to improve the visual effects or the editing of the film. So just watch for me [Scott Pilgrim] That went away and I watched it again, better than it ever looked and sounded before. I said, “Ok, wow. Large. I am dejected. ‘

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