Saweetie To Quavo: PAY ME AND maybe I’ll take you back !! (‘I am a businesswoman’)

Rap superstar Saweetie is a single woman, but maybe not for long. MTO News has learned that Saweetie is hoping to meet a rich man VERY soon.

But we also learned that there is still hope for a reconciliation with Quavo Saweetie.

MTO News recently learned in an interview that Saweetie has stated that she is willing to forgive a man almost anything – as long as he pays a large amount of money into her account.

She did this interview after “checking out” her relationship with Quavo, MTO News revealed. So many on social media think she sent a message to the Migos star by saying this.


She stated that she is ready to forgive a man if he “pays her”. Saweetie claimed she was a “businesswoman” and always ready to hit a deal.

Saweetie told the interviewer, “So my time is money [a man shouldn’t] Waste my time without paying me. “

She didn’t say how much money Quavo had


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