Saweetie says that each lady’s man can buy her Birkins

Saweetie says a girl should ditch her man if he doesn’t buy her Birkins. Page 6 received a re-post from The Shade Room this week in which the performing artist said a man is no good unless he gives out the money on Birkins products.

The 26-year-old actress and her boyfriend Quavo took part in her Instagram Live this week to share her thoughts on the idea of ​​men as providers. She claimed that if a man fails to pay a woman’s bills and she buys what she wants, you kick him “back on the street”.

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Saweetie made her remarks while Quavo smoked in the background. The 29-year-old rapper then approaches the camera and seems to agree nonchalantly. So far, page 6 claims, the Re-Post has received around 3.3 million views, meaning it went completely viral in just one night.

However, fans disagreed entirely with the advice, arguing that Hermès bags are too much money and not great anyway. One person wrote on her account that “not everyone can afford a Birkin” before saying that people should not follow her advice.

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Other users argued there were better ways to spend their money, including college loan debt and other more important bills. Saweetie I released a brand new single called “Back To The Streets” last Thursday night which is fair given what it said in its post.

According to page 6, Saweetie put out a new project, Pretty B * tch Music, and the song she worked on with Jhené Aiko is a single from the new album. In any case, this wouldn’t be the first time Saweetie Birkins has commented.

Earlier this year, the star posted a story on her account in which she played with Birkins-like dolls. She also created an Instagram account in which she advertised her Hermès bags.

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Quavo allegedly paid for two Birkins bags back in July, leading to a post from Saweetie where she twirled around a little and then did the splits.

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