Saving Non-public Ryan: 10 Actors You In all probability Forgot Had been within the film

Harve Presnell (General Marshall)

Harve Presnell plays General Marshall. He is the one who is so moved and saddened by the death of Ryan’s brothers that he sets things in motion so Captain Miller and his crew can find him. He appears in some scenes in the film. Presnell is known as both a screen and stage artist. He appeared in the 1964 musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown in the film version alongside Debbie Reynold.

Harve Presnell has also appeared in Broadway productions of Scarlett, Camelot and Annie. His TV credits include Matthew Crane in Ryan’s Hope, Arthur Brooks in Dawson’s Creek, and the voice of Leo Lionheart Sr. in The Lionhearts. His best known film work is as Wade Gustafson in Fargo. He also appeared in the films Face / Off, Mr. Deeds, Old School and Evan Almighty. Harve Presnell died in 2009.

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