Sarah Fuller makes soccer historical past as the primary lady to play within the Energy 5 sport

A senior student at Vanderbilt University just made history. On Saturday November 28th Sarah Fuller was the first woman to appear in a Power 5 soccer game when the Vanderbilt Commodores were up against the Missouri University Tigers, according to NBC News.

The 21-year-old Texan is a goalkeeper for the Vanderbilt women’s soccer team but has stepped up to help the soccer team after the team’s players were exposed to the coronavirus and were unable to attend the game. She was called into play after half time.

On November 27th, Sarah confirmed her groundbreaking moment on Twitter when she announced that she would be playing in the game wearing a football helmet that read “play like a girl”. It was more than just a cute saying, she shared.

“Tomorrow I’ll be wearing ‘Play Like a Girl’ on the back of my helmet,” she wrote. “@iplaylikeagirl is [sic] Nonprofit that encourages girls to exercise and learn about STEM opportunities. “

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