San Holo says goodbye to 2020 with a hearty hour

If there is anyone in the EDM scene we can all consistently seek emotional support during these troubled times, this is it San Holo. With his special brand of beautiful melodies, toned down vocals, slow tempo and much more, his mood is all about positivity and making his fans feel good.

Fortunately, 2020 is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that the difficulties we faced this year will automatically be over. Still, it will be nice to finally leave that dumpster fire of a year behind us and at least try to start over mentally in 2021. As we all come up with New Year’s resolutions to improve, or at least return to some semblance of homeostasis, you can listen to San’s “Goodbye 2020 Set” and put your emotions in order.

Check it out below!

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