Safiree’s Christmas photograph along with his daughter fascinates Safire followers

Safaree shared a Christmas photo with daughter Safire Majesty and fans are mesmerized by her beauty. Take a look at the picture below.

‘Yeassassss Bro! She is beautiful! I can’t wait to kiss those little cheeks. «Safaree labeled her post.

One commenter said: ‘She’s a huge mix between you and her mom !! She’s so damn cute … so adorable ???? ‘and someone else posted the following:’ Look at those big, big, bright, beautiful eyes – such a beauty. ‘

Someone else said, “It’s the eyes to me that they’re a real babydoll,” and one commenter posted this message, “Too cute” God bless you. May he unpack his bag full of happiness and joy at your home ❤️❤️ Merry Christmas. ‘

One commenter said, “She’s just so beautiful that you’re a great dad that everyone will lose you. That’s a great loss!” and someone else posted: ‘You are so cute. Maje, enjoy your 1st Christmas with love from Aunt Fanta. ‘

One follower said, “Such a pretty little girl looks so much like her two parents.”

Someone else said, ‘So beautiful! We hope she enjoys her books, ”and one commenter said,“ You made a beautiful baby !!! “

One commenter said, ‘This is a beautiful picture of a father and daughter! She’s a good guy, ”and someone else wrote,“ Absolutely beautiful ”. Keep winning and keep shining. Happy Holidays.’

Erica Mena shared new pictures on her social media account Safaree and her two children. There is another young man in the pictures and fans are surprised to see this new face.

Someone said it was Erica’s godson. Check out the pictures she shared that had fans asking questions about the handsome young man.

Also, Erica posted a photo on her social media account where she looks beautiful for Christmas.

Fans hopped into the comments and praised their gaze like there’s no tomorrow.


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