Safaree’s new photograph of Safire Majesty has followers praising her magnificence

Safaree just shared a photo on her social media account with his and Erica MenaDaughter of Safiree majesty. Check out the picture he put on IG below and see how gorgeous Safire looks.

Someone else said, “Omgggg, she has Safarees eyes but looks just like Mena,” and another follower wrote, “Protect her, never let her forget to be a child, love her unconditionally, teach her roots “It’s so important that I would love to love her.” Walk around your home country and tell her how and why she is here. Keep it going. ‘

One follower said, “She is the beautiful, perfect mix of you and Erica.” And someone else wrote this: “At first I thought she looked like Erica, but my god, this is your twin!”

Someone else said, ‘If that little girl doesn’t have her father’s eyes,’ and another commenter wrote, ‘She’s so beautiful. The perfect mix of you @safaree and your beautiful wife @ iamerica_mena … blessings for your family. May God keep shining brightly on you! ‘

One follower said, “Your eyes, you look so alike here !! But she gets her cuteness from mom @iamerica_mena ???? ‘and someone else posted this:’ She has your eyes !!! Still looks like mom! @iamerica_mena. ‘

Someone else said, ‘@safaree @iamerica_mena you have a sweet sweet cake on your hands. When I saw that, I had to smile ????. ‘

Safaree has posted various videos on his social media account recently showing him firing what he calls his toys.

Other people told him to wear a helmet and they freaked out about the possibility of an accident.

He posted a new video on his social media account and some fans had a few words for his wife. Erica Mena.

Check out his clip.


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