Rihanna drops her garments and reveals up for the gram – see the picture the place followers go loopy

Rihanna She dropped her clothes and shows off her gorgeous body for the gram, check out the cool photo she posted.

‘She has to do an album. You sweet tho! ‘Someone wrote and another follower said,’ Can you move the watermark, I see something? ‘

Another follower said, “They put that watermark on there with Gorilla Glue,” and a commenter posted this message, “The fishing season is getting closer … the air is starting to smell really sweet.”

One commenter said: ‘This woman doesn’t play fair over 10 years strong! ???????? ‘and another commenter posted,’ Here are the comments on ‘Where’s the album?’ ‘

Another follower said, “Lol y’all pump her up because it’s riri – it gives me granny vibes,” and another follower said, “x
Ppl still overwrites them like it isn’t that bad for women. I’m not Tryna, don’t take the shine off her but the hype is insane. ‘

One fan said, “She’s beautiful, you don’t have to do that, and with all the money in the world! I expect these ladies to behave nobly! Your life though. ‘

Another wrote: “She’s so common that I don’t understand why people are so hyped about her. They are hoping for anything or anyone who is smh leaning, “and one follower said,” Don’t respect my wife in these comments, don’t even respect the link. “

Lots of haters hopped up in the comments saying that Rihanna is overrated.

It hit the headlines not long ago when it was found out to be the case RihannaFans will definitely get mad when they hear this! The shadow room cleared the messages and you can check out the full details available below.

TSR writes that the fashion world is currently trying to process the news surrounding Rihanna and her Fenty fashion house.

“According to recent reports, LVMH has just announced that it has decided to officially close Rihanna’s Fenty clothing line in less than two years,” said TSR.


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