Resident Alien Boss talks about Harry’s heartfelt decision to make the season finale and teases possible season two storylines


Is Patience, Colo, finally getting rid of his lanky ET? Big chance.

At the Resident Alien season finale on Wednesday, Harry finally had to decide whether to carry out his original plan to destroy humanity. With his device intact and ready to be destroyed, Harry’s humanity drew on his heart and thanks in part to a request from Asta, Harry decided to leave Earth as he had found it. But after he had blown into space, he discovered little Max who was hidden in his spaceship cabin. It looks like Harry just booked a flight back to Colorado.

Below, TVLine talks to resident alien inventor / EP Chris Sheridan about this heartfelt finale, including Harry and Asta’s friendship, the “broken and struggling” D’Arcy and of course his hopes and ideas for season two.

TVLINE | First of all, congratulations on the renewal of the second season!
CHRIS SHERIDAN | Many Thanks! I knew the show was going well, but it’s always nice to get an endorsement. The cast were overjoyed to find out they would be back.

TVLINE | In the finale, Asta convinces Harry not to use the device and uses their friendship and connection as an argument. Is Harry afraid to use it because he knows it could kill him too? Or was it really just Asta’s request that influenced him?
SHERIDAN | I think it’s love for Asta. At the very end he has a plan. He could do it and survive. His plan is to get up in the ship and let himself fall [the device] and take off. He’ll be fine and everyone will be wiped out. There is a love story between Asta and Harry [about] two people who, through getting to know one another and slowly trusting one another, are able to tear down their walls a little. For the first time in episode 10, he begins to understand what love is all about, and these feelings, these closeness to Asta as a friend, gradually creep into him. It goes through all the emotions we go through when someone we care about rejects us. I think he ends up feeling close enough to Asta that he would still love to kill everyone. But if it means killing her, he just can’t bring himself to do it.

TVLINE | I may be a total pessimist here, but if I were to try and convince an alien not to kill humanity, I would probably tell them exactly what I think they’d like to hear. Is Asta really okay with everything that happened, or is she still secretly at odds with Harry?
SHERIDAN | That’s very wise. I think you are exactly right. I think it’s both. Look, I think she’s taking care of him. Right now, yeah, that guy killed that [then]- Innocent Harry Vanderspeigel, and that’s terrible. She gets drawn into this alien that looks human and maybe is human and realizes, “Oh no, that’s a monster. What am I doing? I cannot be friends with this person. “Part of her sees that he has changed, but she is also very well aware that she has to stop him from doing this. I don’t think she’s manipulative. I think what she says to him is honest, but at the same time she is doing everything possible to keep him from killing everyone. I would put it at 60/40 – because I’m less pessimistic than you, Nick – that she really believes he can change and is a different person than he was when he first got here.

TVLINE | I can get behind these opportunities! We also learned that the real Harry killed Sam Hodges. Coming in season 2, will this information come to light? And will we find out a motive?
SHERIDAN | That’s a good question. When I started turning this book into a TV show, my concept was to run two different stories through the series. One is the alien plot of Harry coming down to kill everyone and slowly becoming human. But I also wanted a city story through this world, in which you still want to see the show, even if there are no aliens [for] the three-dimensional characters and Asta and D’Arcy’s relationship and Asta’s bad marriage to Jimmy and the baby. For me, the city story in the first season was, “Who killed Sam Hodges?” And I always thought that in season two the town’s story would be, “Why?” What we’re going to discover in season two is what was wrong with the real Harry Vanderspeigel. Why did he leave New York? What was the relationship between the real Harry and the people in town and what made him kill Sam.

TVLINE | Poor D’Arcy seems so lost in the final. What can you expect in the next season?
SHERIDAN | I’ll actually spend some time talking to Alice Wetterlund about the character. We spent some time last season talking about this wonderful, broken person Alice plays so incredibly well. D’Arcy is a small-town heroine who made her mark at the Olympics and was adored by everyone. But what is it like to be that person and flare – only to land back where you started? I think D’Arcy is at that turning point in her life where she feels like she could have been something and be happy if things went a certain way, but things didn’t go that way and she did it kind of gave up. She needs to find out what her life is and what her real happiness is. As she says to Ben, she just wants to play a role like we all do. She wants to be important and when she finally leaves this earth she wants to go after doing something.

TVLINE | “Real strength lies in choosing not to kill. Maybe being really human means loving instead. “That line is so poignant for today. Would you say that is the main theme of the series?
SHERIDAN | All the messages that I wanted to publish there revolve around the idea of ​​love, acceptance and connection … taking care of one another and not fighting against one another. Harry came to this planet with a concept in mind of what he thought he knew about people – and to be honest, many of us think of each other. It’s that pessimistic view [of] me or her. It wasn’t until Harry got here and made these friendships that he began the journey to realize that people have more and when people work together there is nothing they cannot do.

TVLINE | To wrap up, are there any other teasing you can share about the next season? Please tell me you found another way to get Corey Reynolds to sing again.
SHERIDAN | [Laughs] Oh he’s amazing. He is a broadway singer. He is unbelievable. I feared he would be too good a singer for a small town sheriff, but I would like to examine his singing a little more. A sheriff who sings like that, there’s a backstory somewhere. Maybe that was his passion growing up and he didn’t because his father and grandfather were cops? We’ll get into more of Mike’s backstory. What really was the reason he brought his father to Colorado? There is something that happened to him as a cop in DC that got him going. Everyone with patience runs away from something. I want to examine this a little more closely and make his character a little more three-dimensional, where he’s not just looking for the killer.

I would love to have Terry O’Quinn back too. Maybe this story isn’t finished. He is looking for something and it is possible that the only one who has the answers is Harry Vanderspeigle. I’m just starting out trying to figure out the next season. I have some cool ideas so I’m looking forward to them.

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