Recapitulating a Million Little Issues: The Fact About Eddie’s Lethal Night time on the Lake


We – and Eddie from A Million Little Things – finally know exactly what happened the night his friend Alex died. But find out the final answer brings no relief to the distressed Saville family. In fact, it does exactly the opposite.

Let’s start with the real hero of this story, Katherine’s assistant, Carter, who is a bit conspiratorial and can’t resist leafing through the envelope of printed messages about Alex’s death that Eddie has amassed. Katherine takes her to the office to get her out of the house, but pretty soon Carter leaves her on the conference room table, literally like a murder board. Katherine sees a photo of Rev. Stewart, aka Alex’s father, and recognizes him when he showed up at her house at the end of the previous episode. And when Carter tells them to check the archives on their doorbell camera, they don’t just confirm their suspicions. They discover that he has been to the house four times in the past few months.

When she notices that the pastor is driving a red truck, she calls the police: What if he was the person who hit Eddie? But the officer she speaks to says they examined footage from surveillance cameras near where Eddie was hit and the vehicle that hit him was a red SUV.

While all of this is going on, Eddie is at home doing a physical therapy session with Darcy. “I get the mood that I’m not your favorite person,” he tells her, and she agrees. After all, she knows everything about how he and Delilah did the dirt behind Katherine’s back. But he points out that Katherine found a way to give him another chance, and “maybe you can too.” Darcy is delighted against her better judgment.

After she leaves, another caller is at the front door: Rev. Stewart. He knows the address because “I followed your wife and Theo out of the hospital,” which is possibly the scariest thing he can say in this situation. But Eddie is too involved in his debt to notice much. he apologizes tearfully and tells Stewart that if he’d been sober he could have pulled Alex out of the water “and she would be alive now.” (Side note: That seems like a big chain of assumptions, but you’ve been through a lot lately, Ed. I’ll give it to you.)

But – twist! – Rev. Stewart says, “This is not how my daughter died.” Then tears gather in his eyes as he tells Eddie the truth. After Eddie and Alex swam off the boat that night, they came back ashore and Eddie passed out drunk. But Alex and her sister Colleen did some drugs, and Alex’s heart stopped after she had a bad reaction. Rev. Stewart was shocked and grieved and knew that Colleen’s life would be ruined if it was found that she had given her sister the substance that killed her. And instead of losing his two daughters in one night, he told Colleen to go to bed and then he took Alex out on the lake and made it look like she’d drowned.

He was also the one we saw as the 911 at the season opener for what it’s worth. “I didn’t think my lie hurt anyone other than myself. I was wrong, ”he says to Eddie, who has a moment. And when Katherine comes home after the pastor has left, Eddie is feeling bad. “I would never have been to this bar if I had known the truth,” he says, almost overwhelmed by the thought that he could be in a wheelchair for no reason for the rest of his life. And later, when Katherine isn’t looking, Eddie picks up the vial of prescription pain reliever he’d avoided and takes one.

Elsewhere among Jon’s friends:

* After a session with his therapist in which Rome admits that he did not feel free to express his anger because it is usually not advisable to do so as a black person in America, the future director meets with Regina to get around sorry for the way things have been between them since Eva decided to keep her baby. Then Regina apologizes and in the spirit of progress they call Eva to see how she is doing.

* Delilah plans to take her father (and Charlie) on a month-long trip to France, so Gary moves into the Dixon house to keep an eye on Danny and Sophie. His first job as a babysitter: deal with things when Danny is bullied by a child who tells him, “If you were my son, I would kill myself too.” Although Gary’s advice seems to backfire at first – Danny is beaten – the boy later comes over to apologize and admits that his depressed sister killed herself a few months earlier. When the boys go outside to shoot hoops, Delilah (who hasn’t left yet) lets Gary know that he made the right call.

* Maggie is high on the idea of ​​saying yes to things she normally would have said no to. So she buys a Groupon to take trapeze lessons and leaves, even though Jamie Shive Overly gets out at the last minute. When she comes home splattered in her own vomit but triumphant, she records an episode of her nonexistent podcast about how she ends up vomiting after years of chemotherapy over things I’ve done and not because of things that have been done to me. “Then she flirtatiously suggests that Jamie follow her into her bedroom, and he willingly leaves.” (If you score at home, the number of guys Maggie puke up increases to two.)

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