R&B singer Jeremiah Close to DEATH – He has Corona and is on the ventilator

R&B singer Jeremiah needs all of our prayers. MTO News confirmed that the singer is currently being ventilated in a hospital in Chicago – and is fighting for his life with the Covid 19 virus.

Rapper 50 Cent first brought the news that Jeremiah was in serious trouble:

TMZ later confirmed that Jeremiah was fighting for his life, here’s what they reported:

Sources close to the situation report that TMZ … Jeremih is currently in the intensive care unit he is being treated in, on a ventilator, and we have learned that his condition has been getting worse recently.

Jeremih is fighting for his life and battling COVID-19 – he is currently in the hospital in intensive care and the outlook is bleak … sources tell TMZ.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the R&B singer is being treated in hospital for COVID-19. It’s unclear how long he was admitted or how long he had the virus … but he’s not doing well.

Our prayers go to him.

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