Rapper Azealia Banks turns into engaged; Present her ‘Jewish’ ring !!

R&B singer Azaelia Banks is engaged, got MTO News, and the rapper posted her engagement ring on social media today.

Here is a picture of Azaelia’s ring, which is made of gold and has a Jewish Hannukah menorah instead of a diamond. Different.


And here is a picture of the man Azealia claims to be her fiancé.


Azaelia Banks is a rapper, singer, songwriter and actress. In 2011 her debut single “212” went viral and entered several international charts. Banks then signed with Interscope and Polydor Records before later parting ways in July 2013. Banks eventually became an independent artist and after several negative experiences with previous labels, founded her own independent record label, Chaos & Glory Recordings.

Azaelia Banks cooked her dead cat to clean its bones

Banks has three mixtapes (Fantasea 2012, Slay-Z 2016, and Yung Rapunxel: Pt.II 2019), a studio album (Broke with Expensive Taste 2014), and two extended tracks (1991, 2012 and Icy Colors, released in 2018). Their long-delayed second and third studio albums Fantasea II: The Second Wave and Business & Pleasure are waiting for their release. The lead singles of the respective albums “Anna Wintour” and “Black Madonna” were released in April 2018 and June 2020, respectively.[[[[

Throughout her career, Banks’ social media presence and outspoken views, particularly on US politics and race, have generated significant controversy, criticism, and media scrutiny. She has earned a reputation for engaging in disputes with public figures on Twitter.

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