Quavo sent REPO MAN to Saweetie’s house this morning; Bentley withdrawn!

Migo’s rapper Quavo got $ 350,000 back from his ex-girlfriend Saweetie in the early hours of the morning. MTO News spoke to a person close to the Migos star who told us that Quavo had taken back the 2021 Bentley convertible that he “gave” Saweetie for Christmas.

The insider, who MTO confirms, is close to Quavo and stated: “Quavo is not a dummy – the Bentley was not in their name.”

The friend claims the Bentley was “leased” in Quavo’s name. And that the Migos rapper had a contract with the dealer, that he could end the rental contract early for a fee, and that the dealer would repossess the car and let him out of the contract.

And that’s exactly what Quavo did, according to his friend.

The insider continued, “He’s not being petty or anything, but she’s on Twitter and talking shit. So he took the car back.”

The insider claims that Saweetie’s car was taken from outside Saweetie’s house – very early this morning.

Imagine waking up and your car is gone?


“He understood that,” the insider told MTO News.

The split between Saweetie and Quavo will be extremely bitter. Last night, Saweetie PUBLICLY claimed she dumped Quavo for cheating. However, Quavo denied Saweetie’s allegations.

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