Proud younger TRUMP Rioter: “Please do not arrest me. . . I’m married to a black girl! ‘

One of the Proud Boys leaders, who was photographed in the U.S. capital this week, is hoping to avoid jail time by telling people he’s not a racist insurgent – because he’s married to a black woman, MTO News has learned.

The Proud Boys is a right-wing, neo-fascist and male-only political organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States and Canada. The group has been labeled “racist” because its group members were accused of cracking down on black people and beating them.

The Proud Boys were in full force during the Capital Hill riots this week and one person, Nick Ochs, is now asking not to go to jail. CNN reports that Nick, the founder of the Proud Boys, was in the riot.


When confronted on Twitter about his participation in the riot, he reportedly told people that he could not have been part of a racist riot because his wife is black.

Here are pictures of him and his wife:

Although his wife is black, she supports the right-wing extremist ideology of Proud Boy, which many believe resembles Naziism. She also supports Donald Trump, the man who is considered one of the most racist presidents in recent history.

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