Prosecutor Says TI And Tiny Compelled Her To Sleep With Rapper Nelly! (Particulars)

Rapper TI and his wife Tiny are in the fight of their lives after more than a dozen women reported – the superstar couple allegedly drugged and raped them.

Now MTO News has learned that one of the prosecutors implicated TI’s girlfriend, Nelly, in the abuse. Nelly, who has also been charged with sexual assault in the past, recently settled a lawsuit with another woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her on his tour bus.


Now one of TI and Tiny’s accusers says the couple forced them to have sex with Nelly.

Here is the prosecutor’s story.

In 2005, Tiny approached her to work as an assistant. She was never asked or compensated for any of the completed work.

Once TI was standing over her and Tiny was standing nearby when TI forced her to swallow 8 ecstasy pills.

During her time at TI and Tiny, the duo forced her to trade different women against her will.

In 2014, TI and Tiny forced her to have sex with rapper Nelly against her will.

These and other stories have been posted online in a video and it looks like the careers of TI and Tiny may be over.

But before we write off TI and Tiny. . These are adult accusers. While it is true that people can use their power and influence to put you in a compromising situation – How does someone force an adult woman to have sex with people for weeks and years ???


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