Principle: Christopher Nolan Film will be expanded in IMAX

Nolan partially filmed his latest version with IMAX cameras, which is the best way to watch Tenet

John David Washington as the protagonist in Tenet

principle is being extended to March 30th at IMAX locations in Los Angeles and New York after the film received more than 30 sold-out shows in the past few weeks. Tenet’s subsequent success in these two cities is a positive move for cinemas as restrictions are lifted to allow theaters to open in these two major markets. The science fiction thriller opened in limited capacity in August 2020 and has been released for streaming services since then. But finally see Christopher NolanThe latest on the big screen – as the director originally intended – is a huge boon for fans of the inventive director.

With John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth BranaghThe Time Warping film is action packed and was shot on both IMAX and 70mm film. Now more and more IMAX theaters are opening up to 25% capacity and the audience can experience the movie. According to a press release, Tenet debuted on four IMAX screens in New York on March 12 and on eight IMAX screens in Los Angeles on March 19.


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The press release went into more detail about the decision, including which theaters in New York and Los Angeles were sold out.

“Since last weekend, ‘Tenet’ has had more than 30 sold-out shows in both markets – including near full weekend sales at the IMAX 70mm film locations AMC Lincoln Square in New York and AMC Universal City in Los Angeles. Five out of eight screens in Southern California sold out on both Friday and Saturday nights, including AMC Century City, Burbank, Universal City, Norwalk, and Ontario Mills. New York and Los Angeles theaters are currently capped at 25%. ”

While this is for IMAX only, there is no news as to whether all of Tenet’s shows will be suspended on March 30th or just at the IMAX locations. But at least those of us who wanted to see the Nolan movie in theaters may still have a chance now, as it is a bit safer to go to the cinema!

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