Prince Harry thinks controversy over Princess Diana interview investigation is “horrible”: supply

Prince Harry may now live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t support Prince William or the investigation in Princess Diana‘s controversial interview with Martin Bashir.

A source close to Prince Harry is reacting to recent tabloid reports accusing the king of not supporting his brother and failing to protect his late mother’s legacy. The source says E! Messages: “Harry is updated regularly and knows everything that happens.”

“You don’t need a public statement to imagine how he feels in private. People know how much his mother means to him,” the insider continues. “He has spoken boldly in the past about loss and grief and the immense impact it has had on him. Unfortunately, some people see this not only as a drive to the truth but also try to use this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the brothers. “

E! It is reported that the Duke of Sussex found the comment on his alleged broken relationship with Prince William “extremely terrible and offensive”.

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