Porsha Williams shares a video with PJ driving her unicorn round the home

Porsha Williams shared a video with PJ riding a four-wheeled unicorn on her social media account. Check out the clip here.

One fan said: ‘PJ looks so serious! ???????? ‘and someone else posted this:’ She is adorable but she never always smiles very seriously ????❤️ Merry Christmas. ???? ‘

Someone else wrote, “PJ act like she’s been here before” and a follower said, “I remember buying this for my baby!” He loved it. ‘

One supporter said, “Riding into 2021 … hoping for the best!” and one commenter wrote, “She really didn’t seem sure about halfway through, lol.”

Another said, “She’s so serious, I can’t wait for her to speak really well,” and one commenter wrote, “PJ is getting too big too fast!” Uh, you have to be the baby again. ???? before I know I have to be your security guard PJ ❤️. ‘

One fan said, “She doesn’t look too impressed. I probably think this is just another toy these adult people are going to play with. ???? ‘

One commenter wrote: “She gives us dormant baby face even when she is having fun. I love PJ! Lol. ‘

One follower said, “It is a Merry Christmas and continued blessings to you and your family forever,” and another wrote, “Pj can be happy as always and never show emotion”.

Porsha Williams shares a few family photos for Christmas and fans can’t get enough of them.

You can check her out here and see the message that she and her family are sending people.

‘Happy Holidays’ Our new family tradition of making cookies together W / Cousin Bales & Titi @lodwill & @pilarjhena !! Thanks to @pumssweets for our live class! ! #SisterLove # Family1st MyHair: @shayhairmuseum FULL VIDEO ON MY IGTV IG The final slide was after the sugar rush wore off ???? # Schlumped ‘Porsha titled her post.

Porsha lives her best life.


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