Physician Dre’s spouse out with NEW husband, he is black and far youthful than Dre !!

Nicole Young was discovered just outside her home when her estranged husband, Dr. Dre, continues to recover from his brain aneurysm, MTO News has learned.

Nicole was caught outside by the paparazzi with no mask and no makeup while talking to a very handsome younger man. The two were talking from a distance – and seemed to be having a lively discussion. It’s not clear what the nature of their relationship is but Nicole is now a single woman. . . in order to . . .


Nicole Young is currently dating her soon-to-be ex-husband Dr. Dre bitter part.

In documents rushed to hospital just days before the hip-hop mogul was admitted for his brain aneurysm, Nicole accused him of holding a gun to his head, punching it in the face and grabbing it by the neck. Impressive…..


Since divorcing last summer, the couple have fought for Dre’s valued $ 1 billion empire. Nicole claimed in the documents: “Andre held a gun to my head twice, on January 8, 2000 and November 20, 2001.” “Andre hit me twice in the head / face in 1999 and January 8, 2000.”

She continued, “Andre kicked the door to a bedroom where I was hiding from his anger in 2016.” “Andre decimated my personality verbally and emotionally so much that I am currently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder,” she explained.

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