Photos from KING VON’S FUNERAL; His youngsters cried over the coffin !!

Rap star King Von was laid to rest at a small private funeral in Chicago yesterday, according to MTO News.

Only his closest family and friends were allowed to attend – and details of his funeral were kept secret – to ensure that those present were safe.

According to one participant, the service was in motion. This person told MTO News that everyone was emotional, including Von’s children, who cried when they saw their father’s coffin lowered into the ground.


Von’s baby’s mother, Kema, posted a picture from the funeral with the kids standing over their late father.


Kema also wrote:

I’m so lost, our son, what do I tell him?

You prepared me for it, you taught me what to do when this happens, but I’m not strong enough … Day Where are you from? I have no mother, no father, no grandma, no grandpa, no uncles. Y.

You said you weren’t going anywhere. We just lost grandma. Your mother so strong. I have it.

We were just talking about you telling me everything was going to get better. We had collapsed and we got it all planned and things are not going as planned but I thought we had more time

You did it, you exceeded the odds. Your secrets are safe with me. Your eternal king. I’m exhausted.

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