Pennyworth’s Jack Bannon opinions Alfred’s Season 2 plan, his patrician guilt and James Purefoy’s “darkish” function


Alfred Pennyworth has America in his sights – but first he and his friends face all sorts of civil wars in England while they juggle the very weird job to pay for their crossing.

The last time we tuned in, the eponymous former British SAS soldier (played by Jack Bannon) had to put down his own father Arthur – a secret member of the overthrown Raven Society – even though the tragic pull of the trigger proved unsuccessful crazy bomber conspiracy against british bigwigs.

Elsewhere, American CIA agent Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) was shot through the window by a sniper just as he and Martha Kane (Emma Paetz), a member of the No Name League, were taking their first small step towards a day at the Conception of a Batman made.

Epix’s “Batman Prequel” kicks off its second season this Sunday, December 13th at 9 / 8c. A second episode will follow on December 20th. The two-part finale of the mid-season will then be broadcast on December 27th. The rest of the episodes are scheduled for sometime in 2021.

TVLine spoke to series director Jack Bannon about the future.

TVLINE | How would you describe the new world order when Pennyworth returns?
Season 2 takes place a year after Season 1 and the Civil War has fully started. The Raven Society (led by Lord Harwood) is even more powerful – they now have the support of the army and are fully militarized. Meanwhile, the no names just kind of cling to each other. The Raven Society has taken over most of England – London is a neutral zone, especially Soho, where Alfred has a new nightclub. But really, Alfred is trying to come to terms with killing his father (Ian Puleston-Davies) and getting enough money to take him, his mother (Dorothy Atkinson), Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) and “Daveboy” (Ryan Fletcher) to America to start over because England is not doing well.

TVLINE | With Alfred’s nightclub The Delaney in the neutral zone, you’re basically Rick from Casablanca.
That’s it! “No guns, no violence, blah blah blah …” Yes.

TVLINE | What kind of jobs will Alfred and the boys take on? What pays the bills?
Basically! Serving drinks in a nightclub doesn’t pay off as well as it thinks so he has to think outside the box. But there are many people who come from the woodworking industry and are looking for its skills. From the beginning we see how he gets involved with some scratches in a classic way.

TVLINE | You brought this up a moment ago, but shot your own father … that’s quite a thing. How is Alfred’s conflict about this manifested?
Obviously, many people never have to deal with this trauma, and that and [the murder of] Esme really derailed him. I think sometimes you have to do terrible things for good, and that’s how he sees it. It’s more about the fallout and how his mom handles it, things like that. He tries to be almost “soldierly” and mentally put it aside. But as the series progresses, we see that it may not be that simple.

TVLINE | James Purefoy (The Following) usually plays a formidable television character. How does Gulliver Troy (Alfie’s former SAS captain) fit into Alfred’s world?
It sneaks in pretty secretly and then stays – with a big bang. He’s a huge character, Captain Troy, a man with a lot of deep desires and extremes, be it violence, women, drinking … He’s a dark character, Gully, but James is a fantastic actor that I’ve known for many years, and I’ve learned a lot from working with him. It’s almost a father-son relationship, but a friendship relationship. Alfred sees quite a few of him in Troy so he’s a great addition.

TVLINE | What’s going on for Alfred on the romantic front? The Queen (Jessica Ellerby) seemed to like her snog quite a bit, if I got my British slang right.
[Chuckles] Yes, she is interested, although I’m not sure how interested he is. I think he’s scared. Sandra (Harriet Slater) is here – she’s the resident singer in the nightclub and she’s becoming a pop star, so to speak. There are a few people walking around but it’s really all about Sandra. Your relationship continues.

TVLINE | I thought it was funny that Esme, which means Emma Corwin, became Princess Diana (on The Crown).
Yes! We knew that was going to happen. I think they allowed us to have them [for the first episodes of Season 1]. I think it was the other way around.

TVLINE | What will Alfred / Thomas Wayne’s dynamic be this year?
One of the clever things about season 1 was that it wasn’t a buddy-buddy thing. This year it goes on, although they are getting closer, and Alfred works for him occasionally….

TVLINE | Would you say they share a professional respect?
I agree. Alfred likes to watch him squirm and Thomas is a bit of a nobby guy, so … [Laughs] Alfred plays with him a little. But yes, their dynamism is sure to blossom a little more this year.

TVLINE | Does Thomas become a conversation partner for Alfred, where they open up about things to one another? Or is it season 3?
After all. The thing is that since Thomas is a spy, Alfred doesn’t have to tell him anything, he already knows everything the whole time – which is very irritating to Alfred because Thomas uses it against him quite often!

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