Paul Mescal reveals intercourse scenes for abnormal folks, together with this “weird” element

The steamy romance between Marianne Sheridan (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell Waldron (Paul Mescal) via Hulus adaptation of Sally Rooney‘s novel Normal People just made 2020 a little hotter for everyone. While the recurring romance rivaled that in 50 Shades of Gray, filming the show’s scenes wasn’t exactly the sexiest experience.

Or at least that’s what star Paul said in his January 13 interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. When asked what it was like to actually take part in these scenes, the Irish actor stated that a lot of planning and preparation was required.

“Look, it’s a bizarre experience. It’s so difficult to describe because these situations are usually very private encounters, depending on what you’re getting into,” he explained. “When you get 10 people in the room, a boom operator, and you’re getting sweaty in a false sweat, it’s just a really difficult thing. Obviously we had a great team, an incredibly suportive team that made those kinds of scenes feel like brought like the least horrific thing possible. “

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