Pat Sajak Dings Wheel of Fortune Purchasing Days calls the retro format “Essentially the most boring three minutes on TV”


Pat Sajak was not a fan of Wheel-y’s beloved, now retired, shopping rounds.

On Wednesday, the wheel of fortune, the host playfully mocked a candidate who advocated the old format of the show, where players spent their winnings on a variety of (sometimes very random) prizes presented on a rotating stage.

“The most boring three minutes of television,” cracked Sajak from the retro gimmick.

And he continued his ranting at the end of the show on Wednesday (see above) and admitted to moderating Vanna White that he simply does not share the affection of many long-time bike watchers for the shopping days. “I don’t miss her,” he confessed. “Looking back [you think]”Oh, that was fun,” but really, it was that thing that was going around with that [contestant’s] Head in a circle … It really wasn’t exciting television. We like it the way it is. “

For the record, White agreed with Sajak’s anti-shopping stance, claiming the show “is so much better now”.

The shopping element that you can familiarize yourself with via the vintage clip below was removed from the syndicated version in 1987.

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