Offset: I do not belief the COVID-19 vaccine !!

As the country prepares for the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine, Migos rapper tells Offset that he won’t ingest it.

He says he doesn’t trust it.

“I don’t trust him. I just don’t want to be the test dummy. Do something to help the black community in real life. Put some guidelines in place to help us. Much of the government doesn’t.” Do you think this is for us, “he told TMZ.


The rapper also took some time off to acknowledge that having a rich celebrity increases the chances of survival from COVID-19.

“In reality we have been blessed. Certain people on certain occasions get certain things. Like, what is this politician with that brown shi * running down his face? Giuliani? He just said he had celebrity status for his COVID-19 treatment.” So I I think a lot of this happens in real life. If I go to the hospital here, they’ll take me in quickly, they’ll get me quicker than a normal human being. So I wouldn’t do it myself people don’t have what I have. It’s not fair. “

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