Nikki Bella is about to provide start & Artem Chigvintsev “sings” himself on Whole Bellas

We’re only days away from the moment every Total Bellas fan has been waiting for all season: the arrival of Buddy danielson and Matteo Chigvintsev.

Nikki Bella is on her way to the hospital for a quick look at an emotional episode, and although she is beginning to go into labor, it is her fiancé Artem Chigvintsev Who really feels the pressure.

“What makes me nervous the most is that you have some attachment to it, you know?” he tells Nikki in the clip above. “I don’t have the same attachment because it’s not in me for nine months.”

The mother-to-be is quick to assure Artem that he will be “a great father,” but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to worry about everything.

“To be honest, I sit myself down,” admits the professional dancer in a confessional. “I’m sitting in the car thinking, ‘That’s it.'”

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