Niiko x SWAE Drop Groovy Home Observe, “Blah Blah Blah” with Mougleta

“Blah Blah Blah” is usually not a phrase that you associate with positive conversation, but it is Niiko x SWAE’s The latest single with Mougleta is full of good vibes and positive sounds.

Bouncy house beats and deep house synthesizers merge with Mougleta’s fresh vocals and optimistic production into an exciting and always exciting melody. It’s the kind of track that is played early in the day or at sunset on the ultra main stage that makes the crowd jump for joy.

Niiko x SWAE reveals that the track is about, “Turning off the bad so you can focus on the best aspects of your life, whether it’s the people around you or just life in the moment. The world was having a hell of a hard time when the song was created, so we wanted this song to have a deeper, subliminal meaning. Mougleta walked in and was able to paint this lyrical picture perfectly while adding her own creative vibe to the track! “

Mougleta adds, “It’s that feeling when you lose yourself on the dance floor and give in to the night, but you still bear the pain that haunts you on your way home. Feeling nostalgic and longing for new love, but hold onto what hurts the most and try to let go. “

Check out the track below about Hexagon!

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