NICOLAS drops one of the hottest EPs of 2021: “Forget to feel”

There are those rare artists who really plan an EP or album from start to finish. Write down every minute detail to create a complete audio and user experience. One such case occurs on the latest EP with the mysterious rising star NICOLAS.

If we start the EP with an incredibly inspiring monologue in which we forget to live off the feeling, we are immediately prepared for the experience to come. ‘Test Drive’, the first full track, features subtle harmonies and beautiful melodies with kick bass. Followed by the track ‘After Dark’ which continues a similar theme with soothing synth waves and a series of higher octave melodies. ‘Want It’ offers a beautiful landscape with subtle but emotionally raw vocals. ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ has a catchy melody and groove for every night ride. ‘Obsession’ is a deeply progressive sound that inspires every deep house and techno lover with a powerful bass line that reaches a sensational groove. Finish this EP with my personal favorite. ‘Silence’, a full orchestra of vocoder emotions and powerful, lingering lyrics that stay with you. This EP is a seriously complete work and something that can take you far from any fighting. Enjoy this super talented producer, NICOLAS and ‘Forget to Feel’ EP.

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