Nia Riley: Soulja Boy aborted my baby; By kicking me in the stomach!

Nia Riley, the daughter of Teddy Riley and ex-girlfriend of rapper Soulja Boy, says he kicked her in the stomach once when she was pregnant with her child.

She says the violence resulted in a miscarriage.

“We had an incident when I was pregnant,” she said to Taska K. “I have a feeling we always did. He absolutely knew I was pregnant. I was about fifteen weeks old. I think I hadn’t told anyone else before. ” that i was pregnant. In all honesty, I didn’t know what to do or what to do. “

Taska K then asked her how quickly she miscarried after the incident:

“I’m not sure what time it was when it happened, but I know for sure it was that night, how late at night, maybe two or so, in the morning,” said Riley.

Two years ago, the couple appeared at Marriage Boot Camp and viewers were shocked when Soulja aggressively attacked Nia.

Is EVE’s marriage in trouble?

“I would never fake any form of abusive relationship on television. I’m not an actress,” she said after the clip aired. “He was angry when I talked to him, the way he talked to me and tried to attack me, then I remembered they had cameras there.”

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