New Amsterdam stars, the big “Sharpwin” of the EP Talk Final [Spoiler] and watch Max’s surprising voicemail video


Warning: the following contains spoilers for Tuesday New Amsterdam final. Proceed at your own risk!

How to leave a voicemail! If you’re a fan of “Sharpwin,” you’re probably still staggering from the New Amsterdam season three finale, in which Max and Helen finally passed from friends to potential lovers.

At the beginning of the lesson, which began a month after the penultimate episode, Helen was in England with her niece, so Max wistfully left her a voicemail: “I miss you. I can’t get you out of my head It’s very distracting. We said things to each other that were just the beginning and we never quite … Anyway, now you’re gone and it feels like it was ages ago. And i need to see you I need to talk to you. I have to be with you in all the ways I’ve always dreamed of. “

This confession even surprised star Ryan Eggold. “I was happy to hear it. There was so much unspoken between them for so long, ”the actor tells TVLine in the video interview above. “I thought, ‘Yeah, man! Say it!’ I’m just excited to see them push this terrain, play it safe, and be friendly, sweet, and professional. “

According to showrunner David Schulner, Helen has been in England for three weeks, during which time Schulner believes the couple was on the phone (“Maybe these will be our webisodes”). But even when Helen later returned to New Amsterdam after dealing with her mother’s health crisis and literally meeting Max, the two still didn’t respond to her feelings. The disappointment was clearly visible in Helen’s face when Max told how he had lost his wedding ring earlier that day.

“The trick of the episode – and that’s just the trick to be here at the end of three years – is that we’ve cleared all the obstacles between Max and Sharpe,” says Schulner. “For the final we tried to give everyone a big obstacle. For Sharpe, that was set up at the beginning of season one when she didn’t want to talk about her family, and for Max, [it’s] his wedding ring that [he’s been wearing] for two years. We hoped to give them one last hurdle and used the largest pieces on the chessboard for each of them. “

Helen saw Max with relief that she had found his wedding ring, realizing that perhaps too much had already been said between them, and turned to leave. But Max asked if he could just walk next to her without a word, and Helen nodded. They strolled through the streets of New York City in silence until they came to Helen’s front door, whereupon Max hesitated and said goodbye.

“I think he just had this lovely, romantic walk with this person that he’s crazy about and with whom he has a certain connection,” describes Eggold. And yet Max “went away out of fear, I think”.

Just when it was once again looking like Max and Helen’s timing was wrong, Max stopped at a zebra crossing and pulled off his ring before running back to Helen and kissing her. “I think he stands there realizing that his wife, who loved him so much, wants him to be happy, and there is no point in staying in this relationship that is over,” says Eggold. “I think he has wanted to kiss her for a long time and has wanted to knock on her door for a long time, in more ways than one.”

His colleague Freema Agyeman points out that Helen “obviously doesn’t see that he took the ring off. So she just bangs on the door and he looks pretty hot. I think she’s been ready for a while, but I think she has acknowledged or acknowledged that he has to be in a place where he is ready. “

“I think these two started bubbling and I think they had to do something before their heads fell off,” adds the actress with a laugh.

Looking ahead to season four, Schuler promises to give fans “everything you want from Max and Sharpe and a lot more. It runs. And there is no turning back. “

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