Netflix’s The Grey Man filming was delayed as a result of rising circumstances in California

Netflix is ​​putting a lot of capital into the upcoming thriller The gray manThe streaming giant reportedly spent more money on production than anything else they’ve done to date. With this in mind, the studio has decided to delay production due to rising cases in California. Sets are currently being built, with the film set to begin production on January 18th. Given the changed circumstances, Netflix has decided to push this back two weeks, which means we’ll have to wait a little longer before we see Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans hunt and fight worldwide.

The Gray Man is a huge production for Netflix. The budget is said to be over $ 200 million, which means the delay will undoubtedly add significantly to the final bill. Based on Mark Greaney’s debut novel from 2009, The Gray Man is directed by Avengers: Joe and Anthony Russo by Endgame. The filmmaker’s brothers recently announced that they had plans for the film to spawn a franchise starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. Speaking at the recent CCXP event, Joe Russo stated that The Gray Man will not give the audience all the answers to make way for more adventure. “What we do with Gray Man is different [is]… we won’t answer every question in the first film, “he said.

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“This is meant to be a series of films, and again we could follow other characters, possibly branched, but we won’t answer every question in the film. So you’ll end the film [and] I have a full story, but you will still have questions about the wider universe. And I think that’s a way to break the model a little bit by not giving the audience everything in a movie. I don’t have a tight narrative. Have an open narration that is [like] a chapter in a book. “

Obviously, the Russo Brothers have big plans for The Gray Man, with both sequels and spin-offs in the future of the franchise. Joe Russo teased how such a big budget is spent, revealing that the story will take the characters to different locations around the world, much like James Bond, and that they plan to advance and film on location in all of them despite the ongoing global situation.

“We have an amazing team and Netflix has been very supportive. [the current situation] didn’t affect our shooting, “he said.” This is a great global spy thriller. Its intention is that it will hit a lot of different places and we will still be filming in those places. We are very excited about this because it is really important for storytelling that we visit these different places. “

The gray man follows a former CIA agent who became a freelance assassin named Court Gentry, also known as the gray man. Gosling will appear as a gentry who is being hunted around the world by his former CIA cohort, Lloyd Hansen, played by Evans. Knives out-star Ana De Armas was recently added to the cast. This is courtesy of Deadline.

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