Nene Leakes will get carried away by Claudia Jordan for laughing at her expertise of home abuse – says she cheated on Gregg Leakes with a soccer participant

Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan had an epic feud during the one season Claudia was in Real housewives from Atlanta. After Nene said on video that it wouldn’t do her any good to attend Cynthia Bailey’s wedding, Jordan had something to say.

Claudia saw the video clip on a fansite and decided to leave a comment.

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“It didn’t help any of the guests come – if we didn’t care about Cynthia and Mike. But when you care for someone, seeing them happy and smiling is of great benefit to you and you “get” something out of it. I love to see people happy. Even people I don’t rock with anymore. Let’s not be so busy showing how undisturbed we are that we are fooling ourselves. Wrong answer. Just say you couldn’t make it or feel it [uncomfortable] go. Too many people do this wedding through YOU. ‘

After Nene responded with laughing emojis to a comment on her page that made fun of Claudia’s domestic violence survival story, the RHOA Alum unleashed.

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“Let Cynthia have this moment. As much as me [don’t f*ck with you]I would never laugh at being hurt by a man. But that’s typical of NeneEvil [and] miserable with a lazy mind. As a result, you will most likely never really work credibly on television again. Nobody wants to deal with that. Your attitude sucks, you are a talentless, illiterate, narcissistic tyrant who thinks you are far more important than you really are. Your brand is rude, aggressive, [and] arrogant. You’re a joke, a punch line at best. ‘

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She made baffling allegations: “Maybe it is time to read the backstory about how we met in 2009 when [you] Needed some assistance while bouncing behind Gregg’s back with a particular soccer player? That’s the real reason you came so hard for ‘your’ show for me. You knew that I knew [and] kept your secret. Thought calling me a “hoe” would make you less of one? Well B. Only ONE of us has ever acted [p***y] for red bottoms – and it’s not me! ‘

What do you think of this answer? Was it too much or shouldn’t Nene have responded to the negative comment?


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