NCIS: Sean Murray teases McGee / Delilah Caper, action-packed return to that season-opening shoot


CBS ‘NCIS continues its 18th season this Tuesday with back-to-back episodes – one that turns a vacation into a caper for husband / wife, followed by another that (finally) sheds light on why Sniper Gibbs McGee is in the season premiere shot.

TVLine spoke to serial veterinarian Sean Murray about Tim and Delilah’s unexpectedly eventful escape to the Bahamas and the actor’s action-packed role in solving the mysterious airport shootout that he believes will have “serious” consequences.

TVLINE | Delilah (played by Margo Harshman) is back! What is the occasion?
Well, we have an episode where McGee and Delilah fly to the Bahamas for the holidays … and fun starts! [Laughs]

TVLINE | And playing the role of “Bahamas” is going to … what, Valencia, California?
We did our best with the beautiful palm trees of Oxnard Beach. I think we did pretty well from what I’ve seen in terms of sales in the Bahamas.

TVLINE | And it’s a case of TV serendipity that a case falls into your lap?
Always. Always. However, it’s good because there is at least one good reason for it. A case unfolds [back in D.C.] and it connects to something in the Bahamas so let’s get involved. But the original reason Delilah and McGee go on vacation in the first place is because they’ve been married for a couple of years, have kids, so you’ve reached that lull in the relationship. They need to get their groove back. And that certainly helps!

TVLINE | If I’m Delilah now and Tim is on the clock on vacation, I want to join in and have a few fights myself. Does she get this chance?
Absolutely. Delilah has her DoD skills, so absolutely. It’s been a while since she did her thing and I love it when we have Margo Harshman. I love playing the domestic storylines for McGee because it’s very different from what we normally do. It keeps it interesting and fun to do too.

TVLINE | Seriously, we saw McGee get shot dead on the cold opening of Gibbs’ season premiere – before the show bounced back to November 2019. I was honestly surprised at how many readers thought it would be resolved in an instant. who didn’t know it was going to be a slow burn. Will we find out more about this puzzle soon?
This is a double header this week, two new episodes in a row, and the second episode basically catches up with the point in time we showed in the teaser at the beginning of the season. We saw an abbreviated part of this sequence and now we can see everything that happens. It’s pretty cool, and I’m not just saying this to annoy it. It’s pretty cool.

TVLINE | The synopsis of this second episode (broadcast at 9 / 8c) states: “Gibbs and Vance have involved the team in a case with dangerous consequences.”
Last season we showed Gibbs going out on his own and disappearing for a while, and little the team knew he was working with Fornell to infiltrate that opioid ring. This week the team is figuring out what he’s up to, although somehow we find out while he tells us what’s going on. So we are all facing the big win and we are trying to solve it.

TVLINE | Does the team’s debriefing explain why Fornell suddenly had a Hep ponytail?
[Laughs] You know what? I had the same question.

TVLINE | Maybe Joe Spano didn’t want a haircut during the pandemic?
I don’t know – Fornell can be a strange character. But if anyone can do it, then I swear.

TVLINE | After the second episode, is the show set in the “present”?
As soon as this episode airs we’ll be back in real time, yes. And we’ll get into the COVID at some point, it is recognized. I don’t think we really appreciate that, but I think it would be stupid to act like nothing happened.

TVLINE | The funny thing is that every CBS show, including every NCIS show, treats the pandemic a little differently. New Orleans has looked at it a lot, Los Angeles is in the past, MacGyver is in the past, but you’ll look back to it in a moment. For one, I want Los Angeles to let us know how it went.
Law! I would like to know that, too.

TVLINE | Was there anything new in this week’s two episodes that you had to do as an actor?
You will see the expanded version of what is happening at the airport, and as far as the story goes, it’s pretty impactful. But as for the shooting, it was great. I had to do all sorts of things that I hadn’t done before, especially as McGee – lots of action. I remember how we showed up the morning we were filming this sequence and for the first shot they say, “You will be in a limo behind this tower, you will peel around there and go left. You will stay at about 30 mph. There will be four planes taxiing slowly, they will pull right at 60 mph. When you get to the fourth plane, drag the donut to the left where you will stop the plane and jump out of the car. “And then they gave me the keys! Like “are you okay with this?” I said let’s get started. “It was a hell of a day.

TVLINE | I often wonder how busy driving actors are. I always try to stare past the windshield.
Of course, you don’t want to put people in dangerous situations unless they are qualified to do so, but there is also the element, “I don’t mind taking a few cuts and bruises if it looks like a lot better. “As this sequence progressed, we’ve been able to get a lot of really cool recordings. I’m not trying to play my own horn, but I was so excited. For example,” If we can get this, we’ll just do it. “We have Didn’t use stunt people in that order, when they normally would, but I wasn’t really in any danger.

TVLINE | Before we go, give me one last taste of what’s in store for you …
We’re going to talk about why Gibbs shot McGee, and it’s going to be a pretty tough topic. It’s a ball that gets rolling.

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