Naomi Campbell adopts baby; Twitter claims “child is white”! (Images)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell announced today that when she announced she is now a mom, MTO News learned. Naomi – who is 50 years old – was clearly not pregnant. Then how did she come to have a baby?

According to a UK news agency, the supermodel has adopted a baby and is excited to begin motherhood. Here is Naomi’s contribution:

While one would expect people to be overjoyed with Naomi’s new baby, MTO News has learned that some on social media are disappointed that Naomi made a conscious choice to adopt a white baby rather than a black one. They also point out that all of Naomi’s public friends for the past two decades have been white and appear to have an issue with color or race.


Here are just a few of the Twitter responses:

Naomi is a model, actress, and businesswoman. Discovered at age 15, it established itself among the most iconic and sought-after models of the late 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, including the modern era. Campbell was one of six models of her generation to be declared a supermodel by the fashion industry and the international press.

In addition to her modeling career, Campbell has embarked on other endeavors, including an R&B studio album and several appearances in film and television, such as the reality show The Face and its international offshoot of the modeling competition. Campbell is also committed to charity for a variety of reasons.

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