Nanny Faye exhibits off her burlesque strikes in Hilarious Chrisley Is aware of Greatest Preview

Nanny Faye has some movements.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, February 11th, Chrisley Knows Best shows Julie Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley As a nanny, watch Faye and sister Frances Try a burlesque class. As Julie and Savannah settle into their seats at Miss Fit Academy, they discover that Faye and Frances are not in a normal dance class.

The dance instructor begins: “Okay, we’re going to kick some of our feet here. We’re going to turn our hips in a circle. Round. Pop.”

A shocked Julie continues to wonder if she is in the “right class”. After Savannah assures her mother that they are where they should be, Julie lets out a simple “Oh my God”.

In fact, Julie lets out another “oh my god” when Faye and Frances drop for a peekaboo pull. Speaking of Faye and Frances: They wear button-downs, feather boas and lingerie – on the outside of their shirts.

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