MUST DIE !, Akeos & Skream team up for cross-generational dubstep collaboration, “LOL OK”

HAS TO DIE! His second album CRISIS VISION was recently announced, due out May 21st, and we’re already excited about it, especially with the release of “LOL OK” with Akeos and Skream today.

Seven years is a long time to explore and grow as an artist, as no album has been released since 2014. Even more, seven years is a long time with lots of new names growing on the scene. Ace Aura put it best when he said this track is really three generations of dubstep together in one track – Skream, who is the OGs of the OGs, MUST DIE! drive the boom era of dubstep and bring in Akeos the new guard.

If you just do one thing today, you better listen to the new track @MUSTDIEmusic x @akeos_ x @I_Skream. It’s a unique feeling to hear three generations of dubstep on this one track. Great job guys! Https://

– Ace Aura (@OfficialAceAura) April 16, 2021

The four-minute bass journey is wonderfully strange, incredibly creative, and addicting. As Skream himself said, these are just “the most random (and extremely fun) collabs of the year,” and we’d be more than inclined to agree.

Thanks to @MUSTDIEmusic and @akeos_ for the random (and extremely entertaining) collaboration of the year!

– Oliver Jones (@I_Skream) April 16, 2021

This is the last single we’ll get before the MUST DIE! Coming out next month.

Photo via @Schafferbrady

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