Moniece Slaughter: Shaquille O’Neal Instructed Me To Kill Myself When We Broke Up!

Former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter spills more tea about her previous relationship with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal – she says he texted her once and said, “Go and kill yourself.”

“You know what’s crazy? I haven’t talked to him forever and he texted me and told me to kill myself,” Moniece said to Domenick Nati. “I think what happened was that a lot of his hookers, current hookers, his harem were upset and he was trying to prove it [something]. ”


She then pulled out text messages:

“First of all, I listed him as a ‘Booger’ on my phone.” That was my nickname for him. Out of the blue he wrote to me on October 25th because our interview did MediaTakeOut. And so I said, “I don’t know why the hell you keep hearing MediaTakeOut.” So he wrote back to me, “Take care of your mouth first. You are the one who gives him my p * ssy. This is my p * ssy and you keep talking ass and ass. ‘”

“I said, ‘This is not my thing,'” she said to him before adding, “Well, then maybe you want to start supplying. Maybe you want to start checking on me. when you were on a yacht with ab * tch everything on the blogs. “

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