Mindy Kaling says BJ Novak will costume up as Santa Claus to shock her 3-year-old daughter

Mindy Kaling welcomes baby # 2

Who needs Santa Claus when a TV star can get the job done?

Mindy Kaling was a new guest up Tory BurchYouTube talk show on which the actress stated that her buddy BJ Novak has an unlikely role in mind for Christmas this year. Mindy said he intended to surprise her 3 year old daughter Katherine and 3 month old son Spencer by dressing up as a very sleepy old Saint Nick.

“Your godfather is BJ Novak, and he’ll be walking into our living room where the tree is in a Santa costume,” Mindy said of Katherine in the interview, which was posted on December 18 but was only recently released to media attention to get. “Just so you know we are Hindus and BJ is Jewish, so this is a cultural appropriation on our part.”

It turns out that longtime friends and former co-stars of The Office have an intricate plan to keep the little ones holiday excited.

“This is all the trick we’re going to do and this could become a tradition,” continued the Wrinkle in Time star. “We’re going to bake cookies, and then all of a sudden we’ll hear bells from another room and I’ll go, ‘Kit, what do you think this is?’ And then we go into the living room, where we hear bells, and BJ, disguised as Santa Claus, is going to sleep with a bag on the sofa because he had to rest. “

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