Million Little Things Recap: Quarantine Fear – Also, Chris Geere teases when Gary / Maggie / Jamie ‘blows up a bit’


Make yourself comfortable, Jamie: it looks like You will be here for a while.

In the wake of Thursday’s ensemble drama, Chris Geere’s character decided to stay in Boston until Maggie completes her rescheduled cancer scans. Then the roommates return to Oxford together with the benefits.

And that’s great and all, but the decision to stay in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts longer than planned means Maggie’s ex-boyfriend and their current relationship have a greater chance of putting each other into orbit … mostly because Mags and Jamie live in Gary’s apartment while he and Darcy are with Delilah, and especially because Maggie accidentally recorded and uploaded a private conversation with Jamie about her breakup with Gary and over a thousand people streamed it before she took it down.

Of course, we wanted to know exactly what was brewing between Maggie and Jamie, so we got on the phone with recurring guest star Chris Geere. Before we dive into that conversation though, here’s a quick rundown of the episode’s other highlights:

* Eddie got so high during a practice lesson with Dakota that he couldn’t help Theo with his math homework. Dakota came in to help the boy, but it was a bad moment for Ed. Then Katherine noticed that the bottle of Eddie’s prescription pain reliever was filled with aspirin, which led her to believe that Dakota had stolen the medication for her own use. To help Eddie save face / his marriage, Dakota lied and told Katherine that her suspicions were correct. Eddie had one more chance to tell his wife about his struggle with the drugs, but he didn’t.

* After Regina started feeding Tyrell and his friends, Rom hired Shanice (and her extensive social media network) to make it known that one day for every meal ordered, one meal would be donated to someone in need. Once she made the video, business picked up, which meant Regina didn’t have to start laying off her employees.

* Gary tried too hard to bond with Liam, Darcy’s son, but eventually found similarities when they complained about being freaked out by the coronavirus. Darcy later decided it was time to explain to Gary the cause of her nightmares: while in Iraq, she accidentally shot and killed a child who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well, without further ado, our conversation with Geere crept (with a little you’re the worst love that crept in in the end).

TVLINE | What I find very interesting about Jamie is that, at least as far as we’ve seen so far, he’s absolutely a man of his word when he says he’s not looking for strings and that what he and Maggie have is very casual . But … the man flew across the Atlantic.
It’s quite a bold move, isn’t it, for someone who isn’t interested in pursuing it?

TVLINE | I agree. So he’s a bit of a mystery at this point. Talk to me a little about what you can say about how your character is feeling about Maggie by the end of the episode.
His heart is in the right place but he’s personally confused about how he feels and I think after landing in Boston and getting the reception he got from her – we talked before about how, I don’t know if you could tell, but I was quite nervous at the door when she opened the door for me. Because you don’t know how it will react and you don’t want to travel 5,000 miles to get poor reception.

His immediate priority is just making sure she is okay because he is aware of her situation. He doesn’t want her to feel alone anymore. So this is his agenda. He says right at the end of the episode that he came in to support her through the pregnancy situation and now he doesn’t really have to be there anymore. I think it is an opportunity for them to see now what is going on in their friendship and relationship.

So, let’s say a new conversation is going on. But right now he’s holding onto his word that he wants her to be the best she can be. He wants her to explore her own independence and he is there to help her. Well, I purposely tried not to show his feelings towards her, but there are moments when you think things could get a little more serious and that will be fun to explore in future episodes.

TVLINE | Does he feel with Gary in any way?
He is aware of their history, but tries not only to respect their past relationship but also the fact in which he lives [Gary’s] House too, which is strange, even under quarantine conditions. And yet there is a fun interaction between Gary and Jamie later in the season that I think fans will hopefully enjoy. But I think his main focus is on Maggie’s happiness so that he can put aside any personal grievances with the ex.

TVLINE | With that in mind, we don’t see Gary becoming aware of the podcast in this episode, but I can’t imagine this being an act that will just be dropped. How could Gary react to the fact that Jamie was the one who had this conversation with Maggie?
There is a very strong possibility that he will find out. Let’s put it that way. [Laughs] And when he does, there is reason that this love triangle explodes a little.

TVLINE | This group of friends tends to accommodate everyone on their path. Did you do all the scenes with the group?
I wish I had, but unfortunately not. And that was just for quarantine reasons.

TVLINE | The synopsis for Episode 9 states, “Maggie and Jamie are forced to deal with their relationship status.” What can you tease about what’s coming your way?
What I can tease is that in the beginning he had an agenda and wanted the best for it and makes decisions based on that original desire. I personally said yes [showrunner] DJ [Nash] right at the beginning: “I don’t want to, even if I become the disturber, I don’t want to become the bad guy.” The story ends in a pretty cute and elegant way.

TVLINE | I was a big worstie. I know you and your former you are the worst castmate to have had an online reunion recently. Talk to me about being with these people and these characters after you haven’t done this in a while.
I think the reunion was something we all needed, not just because of the quarantine but because we didn’t have the opportunity to work in an environment as close as ours. So it was wonderful to see each other’s faces again. I just had my 40th birthday this weekend and we had another zoom with the guys where we saw the gag role of the whole series. It was played to us on a big screen in a pub at the closing party at the end of season five, but obviously neither of us were in the right condition to really focus on it [then]. It was really fun to see that again. You know it will always be the business of your life for all of us. I am talking to Aya [Cash] weekly, and we all support each other on our next ventures, you know? It’s just that it will always be whoever sets the bar.

And you know we’re not ruling out a movie. Why not? I think there’s a lot of the world that needs a little bit of Jimmy and Gretchen in their life and then they can go back and watch the show again, but you know I only have, you know, when I feel a a little down or whatever, whatever the reason, I like playing an episode and seeing what we’ve all achieved in such a short amount of time. It was amazing.

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