Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly – in their plans for the future as a couple!

Megan Fox and Kelly machine gun “Have no doubt that they are soul mates and that they should be life partners.” This is what an insider report claims to know.

There is no doubt that the actress and musician have been practically inseparable since their romance was released, and it is clear that in a very short time they have developed strong feelings for each other.

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What’s the next step in your relationship?

A source says E! News that you are sure you want to get engaged and get married and that you have decided to do so once your divorce is finalized!

As fans know, their romance began almost immediately after she and Brian Austin Green broke up.

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The insider said, “You are very much in love and have a strong and intense relationship. Your divorce is progressing and they’ve been digging out custody details. ‘

A previous source told the same news agency in February that Megan ‘wants the divorce to be finalized so she can just move on. She’d like to wrap it up and get it done asap, but Brian isn’t really working on it with her. ‘But that was then and this is now!

At this point, the source says, “Brian relaxed and the emotions calmed down so there has been less drama.”

As for Megan and MGK, they have no doubt that they are soul mates and should be together forever.

In addition, they have already taken a big step towards becoming life partners – introducing each other to their children!

“Colson is getting to know the kids and everything is going well. Megan didn’t want to throw her into anything. But she took Colson into her life and it’s going well. ‘

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