MASKLESS NYC woman calls Black Worker AN ** GER because she doesn’t serve her !!

A maskless New York woman who is a proud Trump supporter goes viral for referring to a black worker as an “N-word” for refusing to serve her coffee, MTO News has confirmed. And the same woman is also accused of making EXCEPTIONAL comments about her own children – who are half black.

The incident occurred in a Manhattan coffee shop with signs clearly requiring all customers to wear masks. A blonde woman came in – without a mask – and asked to be served, MTO News learned.

The man behind the counter – who is black – shared the shop’s policies with the woman and then refused to serve her unless she put on a mask.

Here is the video:

The woman was confronted by another person and this is what happened:

This video is the latest in a series of racist encounters reported by MTO News in which white women racially molest and abuse black people in New York, an allegedly liberal city.


But it doesn’t all end here. Social media pundits searched the internet for a social media site that they believe might be part of the nickname RACIST, which is hurling a woman out of New York.

The social media account is owned by a person named Stephanie Denario and bears a notable resemblance to the woman in the video.

The account posted a series of pro-Trump messages. She also supported Blue Lives Matter, a movement aimed at stopping social justice and police reform.

Penny;Denarius 1

But one post is the most worrying. In this post, Stephanie seems to extol the evil institution of slavery. She wrote that her biracial children “would not exist without the transatlantic slave trade”.

New Yorkers are outraged by the racist and aggressive behavior of women towards the black worker. They also call on Stephanie’s children to be released from their custody.

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