Masked Singer: All of the Clues You Have to Get Into the Thanksgiving Episode

You might not get to hang out with family and friends this Thanksgiving Day, but look on the good side: your Masked Singer friends will be there for you – on another night – to soothe the sting of that atypical vacation. And hey, they are already masked!

As a result of that week, the season was eliminated twice for the first time. At the end of the lesson, both Serpent and Whatchamcallit were asked to go home. And when they were exposed, the great snake was portrayed as a singing spinal surgeon Dr. Elvis Francois unmasked while the big… shaggy carpet? was debunked as NBA star Lonzo Ball.

Well, before the final of Group C. Thursday (Fox, 8 / 7c), it’s time to revisit our comprehensive collection of notices. Our mission is clear, but the work is cut out for us: identify the celebs under the costumes before they are exposed. Is Sun the country singer we suspect she is? Is Serpent an Essential Gold Pipe Worker? We have our guesses, but we also want to know what you think.

As we’ve done all season, we’ll keep updating the gallery on the right with information from this week’s show, adding our (and some of your) thoughts on who’s among the costumes. So let’s get started! Record your thoughts, theories, and developing guesses in the comments section!

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