Marvel Realm of Champions introduces Thor as the new champion

The mighty god of thunder is now playable in Marvel’s MOBA game.


Avid mobile game players Marvel Realm of Champions can finally experience the power of the god of thunder for himself with the introduction of Thor. The highly anticipated character is the newest hero to join the game’s ever-changing Battleworld after the final major update.

This version of the character is from the Thor Corps and serves under Baron War Thor of the Asgardian Republic in the game’s reinterpreted Marvel universe. In terms of gameplay, Thor is a melee-class Bruiser who specializes in meeting enemies at close range in 1v1 arena combat. Once players unlock it, they can choose between Mjolnir for ultimate crowd control skills and Stormbreaker for dealing high damage. The introduction of both weapons, especially Stormbreaker, is eventually catching up Chris HemsworthThor is in the MCU, giving fans what they wanted since the game was released in December.

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Additionally, Update 3.0 includes some major changes to the mobile game, including Summoner’s Journey – a brand new form of Solo Progression that unlocks new rewards and custom comics that reveal more about the lore of the game. Two new game modes have also been introduced: Showdown takes players 3-on-1 against Skaar of the Gamma Horde, while Pinnacle Quest sends your champions on missions to prove your strength against the warriors chosen by War Thor and powerful prices. Marvel Realm of Champions has adopted the formula of other multiplayer experiences and is dedicated to the seasons, A monthly competition where competitive players can look forward to increasing their champion’s battle rating and competing for valuable rewards.

If you’re a fan of MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena), Marvel’s quirky take on the video game genre may be your ally. It has the charm of Contest of Champions, but a brand new gaming experience that is reminiscent of the classic gaming experience from above. The game’s developer, Kabam, is teasing a new chapter in the story in which players will try to stop Skaar, the warlord of the Gamma Horde, from throwing a dangerous weapon at the land. You don’t know the game yet and it’s an original story?

You can also watch the latest installment in the MARVEL Realm of Champions video series here:

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