Man charged with homicide of 16-year-old woman goes viral (‘He is Cute’, ‘Luv His Eyes’)

A Detroit man whom police refer to as a “gang member” was charged with the murder of a 16-year-old girl. Police say Rayne Dennis, 16, was shot through the front window of a house.

The innocent Rayne was shot dead Sunday night while she was at her father’s house – and she never saw it coming.

Matthew Reeves, IV, 22, is the father of one child in the apartment. Rayne’s stepsister is the child’s mother, police said.

According to Detroit police, Matthew was driving home to pick up his young daughter when he got into an argument with the baby’s mother. Police said he then went to his car, pulled a gun, and then shot it in the front window of the house and hit Rayne.


Matthew then got in his car and drove away before the police arrived, but he was later taken into custody.

Ordinarily that would be the end of this tragic story, but it isn’t. Matthew’s mug shot appeared on Twitter yesterday and was quickly liked by dozen of women – many who were aware of the charges against him.

Matthew has not yet been convicted of the crime and should be considered innocent until proven guilty – but damned. . . .

Here are some comments from women:

I love his eyes

He is sweet. I hope he didn’t

He’s too cute to be a killer

I like Hood so much

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