Machine gun Kelly reveals he’s sporting a vial of Megan Fox’s blood round his neck

On Valentine’s Day, the Kelly machine gun made sure to pay tribute to his mistress, actress Megan Fox, and he did it in a pretty unique way! Not only did the man call her his “Bloody Valentine,” he also revealed that he has her blood around his neck!

Correctly! The post contained a picture that proved that the Kelly machine gun always has a vial of the red liquid with him – as a charm on his necklace!

In addition to a cute selfie of the couple, he wrote: “I have your blood around my neck. My damn Valentine’s Day. ‘

But of course he wasn’t the only one paying tribute this Valentine’s Day!

Megan did the same and she did it in the form of a poem for him that she included along with a couple of selfies.

It reads: “This is where my heart manifests itself outside my body, which is wrapped in the towering silhouette of an unusually good-looking boy. The journey will likely be dangerous, but without it there is no destination. Happy Valentine’s Day rehab barbie. ‘

This came after rumors broke up just last month that they were engaged.

The reason many believed that Machine Gun had asked Kelly the big question was because Megan was rocking a massive diamond along the way.

She soon appeared to deny the speculation, however, by sharing a picture of her hand on her finger with another ring that read, ‘F ** k You’ – most likely a message to those who read into it too much.


A source told ET: “An engagement could be in the future of Megan Fox and MGK, as well as having children. MGK definitely wants both, but Megan’s a little hesitant right now. In the meantime, they are constantly laughing together and always having the best time. ‘

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