Listed here are the entire TV reveals that resulted in 2020

This year has been full of unprecedented events, but some things never change like saying goodbye to beloved TV shows. As part of TV Guide’s celebration of the best TV shows, episodes and performances of 2020, we’re putting out one for all the shows that say goodbye to us this crazy year – and there are many.

Some of them, like Criminal Minds, Supernatural, and Hawaii Five-O, ended incredible terms. Others were outsiders who never made it through a first season. Schitt’s Creek started out as a little-known Canadian sitcom, but was the first show after its final season to sweep all six comedy categories at the Emmys. And then there are these shows that we didn’t expect to have to say goodbye to so soon. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of several series that were supposed to return like Stumptown and I disagree with that.

Here is our commemoration of all the shows that ended this year, regardless of the circumstances. Click the image below to revisit the shows we lost in 2020.

PHOTOS: Shows that ended in 2020

Vida and Supernatural

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