Light mill of gang leaders from Philadelphia ‘FORBIDDEN’ – For the promotion of peace!

According to MTO News, rapper Meek Mill has been “banned” from going to his hometown of Philadelphia by several gang leaders. And all because the rapper demanded “peace” on the streets after the murder of two prominent rappers King Von and Mo3.

The ‘Ima Boss’ hit maker, who has more than 10 million followers on Twitter, posted a number of tweets. The first said, “I’m going to make a deal to all the great Philadelphia artists if they leave their bodies behind and they crush beef … I hear from … have some hot young cops from my town, but they are all beef.” ! ”


Then he wrote: “And that’s just an idea, but I’ll assert myself with my city if you can! It’s like 5 clicks that are talented, but deep inside! And they get the most attention when they meat! “The American rapper added another tweet saying,” And when I say body, I mean friends or family you’ve lost! “

Shortly after Meek made this call for peace, social media reports said that the city’s leading gang leaders uttered the word that Meek was “forbidden” from returning to the city of brotherly love. They don’t like the news he’s spreading.

This is how Twitter reacts to Meek’s ban:

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